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School holiday Program

Recreational Pilot Certificate


Whether your 13 or 60… our School Holiday Program is a great way to get started on your aviation journey. This 5 session program is a great introduction to flying and will put some solid hours in your pilot logbook.

The program is made up of 5 lesson, pre-flight briefings, theory and all the gear you need, as you work towards your Pilot Certificate.

Our instructors will teach you the basics of flying, both in the air and on the ground, 1 day a week for 5 weeks. Each day consists of a morning session or afternoon, it’s your choice.

Each day, after a collective briefing, students are then able to take to the sky in turn, with the instructor beside them. After flying, it back to the classroom for some aeronautical knowledge.


What’s included?

5 lessons with breifings

  • Effects of Controls

    Learn about the primary and secondary effect of the aircrafts controls.

  • Straight & Level

    Setup the aircraft to fly straight and level in a range of configurations.

  • Climbing & Decending

    Manage the Aircraft as you climb and decent to specific altitudes.

  • Turning

    Master the rate 1, 30 degree and 60 degree turn. 

  • Stalls

    Identify a stall and practice recovery techniques.

Student Starter Pack:

    • Pilot Log Book
    • Basic Aeronautical Knowlege theory textbook.
    • Flight Bag
    • Fuel Drain/Screwdriver
    • 12 Month Avplan Subscription

RA-AUS Membership:

Paid directly to Recreational Aviation Australia. It is a required membership while learning to fly and to obtaining your pilot certificate.


The School Holiday Program will run every NSW school holidays. 

Simply contact us for dates and enrolment.

Be quick, positions are limited!

0437 632 322


First 5 RPC Lessons inc. Lesson Breifings

Student Starter Pack

RA-AUS Memberbship


$1400 RRP

$430 RRP

$326.50 RRP

$2156.50 RRP

All for $1600 inc. GST *

Save $556.50

*Aerohunter reserves the right to amend the RRP of this program when the NSW govt. fuel excise returns on 28 September 2023

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We’ll call you back to confirm details and book you in.

Or give us a call on

0437 632 322


  • The Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) is administered by Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus). This certificate is designed to allow pilots to enjoy flying for fun at an affordable price.

    Visit Recreational Aviation Australia for more information.